lose body fat fast

Lose body fat fast

About six months ago , I had a heart attack . No I am not dead, just made things a lot clearer.  My doctor says you have to lose some weight.I needed to lose body fat fast. I was sort of suprised to hear this.

So I decided to change my life and  my eating habits if I wanted to live a healthy , long life.

I had no idea where to start.So the doctor refered to dietician  on staff to set up a plan . I first started with a walk everyday

I started small  I walked to the store about half a mile away, purchased two bottles of water and  a nice size chicken breast and a premixed salad.I drank one of the bottles of water on the way home. I began to cook the chicken breast.

When cooked  I chopped it up added it to the salad  . I did this for the next four months adding different vegetables steamed calliflour  broccolli carrots  avacado  Id never was bored I would cook ten pounds of chicken on the grill  and put them in container  in refrigerator     I would cut up apples for snacks and nuts  almonds pecans . I was never hungry  I ate oatmeal for breafast every day  a spoonful of honey  for sweetener  sometimes a spoonful of peanut butter try it

I lost forty pounds  in four months And I have never felt better.

I had to buy new clothes  My wife was very supportive  although she did not follow the plan I had, she cut way back on some of the bad eating habits we both had. She lost 30 pounds.  Men always lose weight faster than women. sorry ladies

We eat pasta on saturday and we find a new place   for dessert every weekend. We found new friends on our walks  we would go to different parks and see other people walking and would start conversation. WE found We are not alone .Lots of people  have been awakened to what has been going on and now are learning how to lose body fat fast and keep it off.

I have not  felt like this in along time, its great! Hope reading this will inspire you  too  Oh hey,   bad cholestrol way down good cholestrol up  energy level way up

Dont wait to have a heart attack   Talk to your spouse. make a plan .You have to start to do something

Start small walk everyday  drink lots of water eat lots of veggies all colors  chicken fish mix it up

You will felt great and inspire others, Its contagious

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