Know your Stomach!!

Your stomach can often be a great source of worry, especially if you frequently suffer from bloating or flatulence. Still, experts say that people know very little about their stomach and digestion. What resolving stomach problems more difficult. We separate for you the facts from the myths.

1. Once you eat less, will eventually shrink your stomach so you feel less hungry.

Myth: Once you’re an adult, your stomach always remains about the same. Unless you have surgery. Eating less does not shrink your stomach. But once you eat less, your body is going to be just making you feel less hungry. This allows you to easily maintain your diet.

2. Skinny people naturally have a smaller stomach than overweight people.

Myth: The size of your stomach does not hang your weight together. In fact, that people who carry out a stomach reduction, still have much to eat and so can recover.

3. Abdominal exercises can reduce your stomach.

Myth: No exercise can reduce the size of an organ. But these exercises can be burning fat that is on the outside of your body. It also helps to tighten the muscles in the stomach, protecting the stomach and other viscera. The most harmful belly fat is own fat you can not see. Fat people often have a lot of internal fat from their bodies. The good news is that healthy eating habits can not only help get rid of the visible fat, but also what you do not see.

4. You consider heartburn by falling down 1 to 1.5 kilos.

Fact: The less acid can walk back to your esophagus, the fewer problems you’ll have with heartburn. And losing weight a kilo can make a difference. A pregnancy is the best example. As the baby grows, it presses against the internal organs, giving you more heartburn. Els baby is born, so does the heartburn. Some lose belly fat can cause the same effect. The belly is the first place where people lose weight. So if you are on a diet, you will very quickly feel the results.

5. Eating just before going to sleep is bad for your line.

Myth: It seems logical that we burn more quickly during an active day than when we sleep. But according to experts, this is not true. There is no evidence that the time when you eat affects your weight. It still comes to what you eat. But eating late can make sure that you consume more difficult, because you also your stomach also is tired after a busy day.

6. A high-fat snack of 200 calories will more than satisfy your appetite a low calorie snack of 200 calories.

Fact: Fat burns very slowly and remains in the stomach longer. Making you so longer feel satisfied

Bring your calorie intake in order. Ie consuming more than what you are taking. Or take less than you consume.
2) Make sure you have 5 or 6 meal times each day.
3) Eat protein, maximum 1 piece of fruit and a minimum of 200 grams of vegetables per day.
4) 3 or at least 2 times per week varied sports and mainly do strength training.
5) Drink at least 2 liters of water.
Your belly fat is a backup source that you are going to appeal by following the steps above.And sorry, lose fat locally has never failed anyone. It is gradual. Maybe another disappointment, the belly fat is accumulated in years.
The losses of abdominal fat is gradual. It takes time, energy and perseverance to lose a substantial portion of the undesirable reserve in the next 12 weeks. How do you keep it full of lead and how you can have a nice life?
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