Best Exercises to lose weight

Exercise is a great way to lose weight. Losing weight and exercise go well together.  Sports in conjunction with a healthy diet is often a winning combination for losing weight.

You can lose weight and exercise the best thinking of sports where many calories are burned. Possible sports are:

  • run
  • Bicycles
  • walk
  • rowing
  • Swimming

The sports are sorted by popularity.  Running is the greatest sport in the Netherlands and an ideal way to maintain a slim figure and fitness.

How do I fall off by sports?

Many people disagree with me. Yet I assure you that sports makes for losing weight. For various reasons.

  • No time to eat
  • More muscle = more combustion
  • Loss of calories

The first reason is in my opinion very important. Many people forget that when you are exercising, there is no time to eat.  Fill sports this time through and you will not fall into temptation.

Imagine that you have three nights a week sports? Then you have those three nights no time to eat unhealthy snacks. When you start practicing a sport you realize that weight loss and exercise go together very well.

More muscle = more combustion. When you start exercising you automatically  gain extra muscle mass. In most sports will mean that additional muscle mass in the legs. To keep the muscle alive are needed calories. Your body will burn more calories with more muscle.

If you continue to eat the same body will also burn more calories and you fall off eventually.

The last reason. You lose calories below the sports. Your body is like a machine.When the machine works harder will be burned more energy. To lose the reserves it is important to operate this machine harder. So let the machine work and make sure the extra calories are burned.

What sport should I choose?

With running it’s easy to burn a lot of calories in a short time. Nevertheless, swimming, rowing or cycling are also excellent exercise to lose weight.

My advice is to try a number of different sports. You can be the judge of what sport suits you and where you want to spend your time.

Most people will choose a particular sport. A smaller group chooses a combination of several. A combination of different sports can be a wise choice.

Proper diet and exercising makes for losing weight. If you have suffered an injury with running you can always change. So make sure you have a backup and are not completely shut off when something unlucky happens. 

Drawing up a training schedule

To achieve results with weight loss and exercise is very important to have  structure.  You can set training schedule and stick to it.

Losing weight and exercise is the benefit of an exercise routine that you do not have to think, but just can go.

Many beginners choose a training schedule, as it stops they stop themselves. Do not fall into this trap. Now the real work begins. When your schedule ends, you are the one who can take the reins and you can develop your own schedule.

A schedule you create yourself, find on the internet or you get help from a coach. Ultimately, the best schedule will be the schedule that you create. You have the most common ground here, and of course you know yourself best. Try to work here and come this way to the best results.

The result of weight loss and sports

After a while workout, it is time to measure the results. Of course, the result will be not only seen in fat or weight. Sport makes you fitter and more energetic. Try not to forget that. Many people stop namely in the absence of results. This is sin.

Yet you will end up losing weight and you will have to judge yourself here.Measure also occasionally your percentage of fat and weigh on the scales.

Do not force too much to lose and try on a sound way weight. Rather slow and steady, then quickly without lasting results.

Losing weight may not ultimately be assess in the short term. You want to lose weight in the long term and make disappear the abdominal fat of the abdomen.If the abdominal fat is gone, the abdominal muscles are visible and you develop a strong body that many people only dream of.

How do I motivate myself?

Losing weight and exercise is in many people lack motivation. In the beginning, they know exactly what they need to do, but eventually dropped the motivation and decrease the results.

Set small goals, I will lose 5 pounds  I will run one mile   this is achievable, and   once you see the results you cant  stop.  You set a little larger goal  five more pounds one more mile . Once you begin to see real results your whole attitude will change forever. Your family and friends  will see your change and get on board with support. Don’t forget a healthy diet will go a long ways with  exercise  You need to feed those new muscles!


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